September comments

There were complaints about noise in the library. This is a perennial problem. Some complaints are about noise from two people or small groups talking. Others are about the noise when classes or exams let out in the library. We ask that you diplomatically ask your peers to be considerate and lower disruptive noise. At the graduate level, we expect students to self-regulate and self-police. Please do not ask staff to intervene if others are speaking at a reasonable volume. We have headphones to loan and free ear plugs at the circulation desk if you need them.

Standing Desk Usage:
We received a complaint about students sitting down at the adjustable height standing desks. The adjustable desks are made to allow for both sitting and standing. We ask students who have no plans to stand to use the traditional workstations (which are more plentiful) so others are able to stand while working at least part of the time. Adjustable height desks are first come-first serve. We do not police their use.

First Floor Women’s Restroom
There was a complaint about the cleanliness, appearance and accessibility of the first floor women’s rest room. We have shared with the architect’s office the problem with the narrow stalls. One stall is ADA compliant. We do not know if or when the situation of the others may be addressed, but we have passed along the information.
Ceiling tiles are dislodged and we have requested replacement, but we will follow up or find out why they may need to remain dislodged.
The stalls’ stainless steel dividers have discoloration because they were reused. We have asked Campus Facility Services to periodically clean them, but some discoloration may be permanent.
CFS immediately responded to our general cleaning request.

We received three food-related requests:
“More food?”
“Cheap, pour-in coffee mix” (Request for coffee creamer?)
“We should have a mini store with food and snack options for students.”

While the library does not have the budget for endless snacks, we do share catering leftovers when we can.
We supply you with the means (a Keurig) to brew your own coffee but it’s up to you to bring the K-cups and the condiments.
Don’t forget about the ‘Market at IB’ snack stand in the first floor lobby!
Good news! IUSM plans to renovate second floor space for a new student lounge!

Thank you for your comments!

The Ruth Lilly Medical Library will be closed until further notice. For medical students with card access, our 24 hour study area will remain open. Online resources and virtual library services are available through our website.