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Thank you, Idea Garden Staff

an image of idea garden logo at IUPUI

Thank you, Idea Garden Staff!

The demand from students in the Fall 2020 semester could not have been met without the cooperation and collaboration with the Idea Garden. Between the Ruth Lilly Medical Library and the Idea Garden, we were able to print a total of 164 3D models for IUSM students over the course of the 3-months.  Some of the 3D prints took upwards of 3 full days to complete.

The Idea Garden is a collaborative learning space and an emerging technology lab located in Hine Hall (IP106) on the IUPUI campus. Their expert staff are always ready to help IU students, faculty, and staff get started using the technology in available in the Idea Garden.  

The Idea Garden includes two HTC Vive Pro Virtual Reality Headsets, an Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Headset, two Lulzbot TAZ 6 3D printers, two Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D printers, a Samsung Flip digital whiteboard, a Google Jamboard, and an 8-panel, 16 foot long interactive video wall, known as an IQ Wall. The Idea Garden is also the perfect place to work on group projects, practice presentations, and host club meetings. 

The important distinction between the Idea Garden and other makerspaces and 3D printing services at IU is that the Idea Garden has a heavy focus on collaborative learning. The Idea Garden staff has years of training on their equipment and are happy to assist anyone with questions regarding the technology in the space.  Moreover, all 3D printing is performed by the student, faculty, or staff member who requests it with the guidance of one of the Idea Garden staff members. This allows the members of the IU community to get hands-on experience with 3D printing no matter what their department or major.

A thank you to Idea Garden staff members:

Bennett VanMieghem – STC Operations Team Lead, has been 3D printing professionally for three years 

Amanda Papandreou – Graduate of School of Informatics and Computing, has a degree in Media Arts and Science, has been 3D printing professionally for four years, hard surface modeling expert with significant CAD modeling experience (Maya and Fusion 360) 

Antonia “Toni” Perez – Graduate of Herron School of Art, has a degree in Sculpture, has been 3D printing professionally for two years, organic modeling expert (Zbrush and Blender) 

Please visit ( to learn more about the space and email with any questions regarding the space, reservations, or the technology. 

In June, the Ruth Lilly Medical Library will also begin allowing for hands-on, guided experiences with 3D printing as well as other technologies at the launch of our Makerspace on the second floor of the medical library (IB202). Check the Medical Library's Classes webpage for upcoming events.The technology in the makerspace will include a Prusa iMK3S 3D printer, Cricut Vinyl Cutting Machine, soldering station, silicone mold making and casting station, and a button maker which will all be available to IU School of Medicine students, faculty, and staff. We hope you’ll visit us and our friends at the Idea Garden very soon!


The Medical Research and Library Building's north entrance is officially closed now due to courtyard renovation. Please use the west entrance (facing the Daly Center) until further notice.