Accessing Medical Library Resources

Many Medical Library resources are subscription based, and have IP restricted access based on the IU School of Medicine locations. Outside the IP ranges, for example, accessing library resources from home or a facility outside an IU School of Medicine location, an IU School of Medicine network ID (username and passphrase) and DUO Authentication may be required to access the resource.

At a minimum, please read What do I need to login/access the Medical Library’s resources? to optimize access. Some of the Library’s subscription mobile apps require periodic logins from an IU School of Medicine network or the IU Virtual Private Network (VPN) in order to continue using the app on your mobile device.

What do I need to login/access the Medical Library’s resources?
All active IU School of Medicine faculty, staff and students who have an IU network ID (username and passphrase) should be able to access Medical Library resources. To streamline access to the library, use of the IU Virtual Private Network (VPN) is recommended (but not required). To further optimize access, configure the web browser to accept cookies from For information on how to do this, contact University Information Technology Services (UITS) at 317.274.4357. An alternative to the VPN is to authenticate (also called proxy) from the links on the library website using an IU School of Medicine IU network ID (username and passphrase).

What is the Library's ProxyNOW tool and how do I use it?
Find an article, but get stuck with a publisher sign-in screen? Want a quick way to link into the Library’s subscriptions? Use our Proxy tool – ProxyNOW.



For our Chrome, Firefox, and Safari users – drag the link above to your bookmarks bar.

Using Internet Explorer? You will need to right click and add to your favorites, then move to the bookmarks bar.

Next time you are searching or come across an article that didn’t get linked through the library’s subscription, click the ProxyNOW button in your bookmarks bar and you will be looped into the library’s subscription. Keep in mind – if the library doesn’t subscribe to a resource, the ProxyNOW tool will not work.

**Please note – this might not work well with PubMed, more testing needs to be completed.**

Please check IUCAT to confirm a subscription and if the ProxyNOW tool is not working, please contact the Library Tech Team –

Who do I contact for questions about an IU Health Library account or IU Health Library access?
Contact IU Health Library at Methodist Hospital, 1801 North Senate Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46202, 317-962-0872. The IU Health Library serves IU Health, and the Ruth Lilly Medical Library serves IU School of Medicine faculty, staff, and students.

Why can’t I connect to the VPN?
Make sure that the operating system and/or browser is compatible with IU’s VPN. View a list of compatible operating systems and browsers from the University Information Technologies Services Knowledge Base. For assistance with VPN set-up contact University Information Technology Services (UITS) at 317-274-4357.

Who do I contact if I have trouble accessing library resources?
For trouble with the Network ID, check with UITS at 317-274-4357. For issues accessing library resources, such as a journal subscription or a database, please email Ask-A-Medical-Librarian or call 317-278-9327 Content Management and Delivery Services,

How can I find out if I already have an IU School of Medicine computer username and passphrase?
Search the IU People Finder directory; if listed, then an IU School of Medicine network ID should already be established.

I have my username but don't remember my passphrase, how can I set (or reset) my passphrase?
The account may need to be activated. Visit One.IU and search for IU School of Medicine. Click on the “Welcome to the IU School of Medicine” icon and select “Create My First IU Account.” The following information will be needed: Last Name, Birth Date, and ten digit University ID. If the University ID number is not known, contact Human Resources at 317-274-7617. After entering this information, follow instructions available in the UITS Knowledge Base or call UITS at 317-274-4357 for assistance with the process. Reset the passphrase using instructions from the UITS Knowledge Base or contact UITS.

I’ve been admitted to the IU School of Medicine, do I have access to Medical Library resources?
University Information Technology Services (UITS) categorizes students as Applicant, Admitted or Enrolled. Access to library resources is granted when one’s status is Enrolled. Enrollment status usually occurs on the first day of class and is determined by UITS. Contact UITS by phone at 317-274-4357 with questions.

I’m collaborating with an IU School of Medicine researcher, how can I gain access to Medical Library Resources?

I am an official IU School of Medicine retiree, do I have access to library resources?
At Indiana University School of Medicine, retired faculty and staff can have a computing account, which should allow for access to some library resources. To receive this computing account, one must be retired according to IU’s criteria. Explore Retiree Status and Benefits for age and service requirements and learn more about access to IU resources for official IU Retirees on the Knowledge Base.

I am an IU School of Medicine Alumni, do I have access to library resources?
Currently, alumni are not able to obtain an IU network ID and passphrase that allows for access to library resources due to licensing and copyright restrictions.

I am not currently affiliated with the IU School of Medicine, what options do I have?
For a listing of free and low cost health information resources for medical professionals, visit the Free and Sponsored Medical/Health Resources guide. For answers to questions about accessing or using freely available electronic medical resources, Ask A Medical Librarian or Visit the library in Indianapolis.