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EZproxy Bookmarklet

Find an article, but get stuck with a publisher sign-in screen? Want a quick way to link into the Ruth Lilly Medical Library’s (RLML) subscriptions? Use our bookmarklet tool.

Next time you are searching or come across an article that didn't get linked through RLML’s subscription, by installing and using the bookmarklet button in your bookmarks bar, you will be looped into RLML’s subscription.  Keep in mind - if RLML doesn't subscribe to the resource, the bookmarklet tool will not work; the page will refresh without any changes or may take you to an error page.

Follow the instructions below for installing the bookmarklet:

Google Chrome

1. Copy the following: javascript:void(location.href='' + location.href);
2. Go to "Bookmark Manager" under the Bookmarks menu.
3. Navigate to the place you want to create this bookmark (the Bookmarks Bar, or elsewhere).
4. Click the vertical three dot icon to the right of the Bookmark search box (normally on a blue background) and select "Add New Bookmark"
5. Give the bookmark a name (for example, "Bookmarklet") and paste in the URL you copied in the first step in the URL field.
6. Click "Save".


Copy the following: javascript:void(location.href='' + location.href); and add it to your Favorites Toolbar
Note: In the latest versions of the Mac OS, the Favorites bar is hidden by default. If you do not see the Favorites bar just below the URL, above the web page content, go to the View menu in Safari and select "Show Favorites Bar."


1. Copy the following: javascript:void(location.href='' + location.href);
2. Go to "Bookmarks" and "Manage Bookmarks"
3. Under "Organize" choose "Add Bookmark", paste the bookmarklet code and name the bookmark
4. It works best to put it in the main toolbar, but anywhere that you can get to it easily will work
5. Click "Save".

iPhone or iPad

1. Copy the following: javascript:void(location.href='' + location.href);
2. Tap the share icon (iOS action button) at the bottom center of the screen (iPhone, iPod Touch) or to the right of the location bar (iPad) and then tap Add Bookmark. Save the bookmark to your iPad or iPhone's Bookmarks folder (or wherever you would like it to be).
3. Tap the bookmarks button (it looks like an open book) at the bottom of the screen (iPhone) or top of the screen (iPad). Make sure that you have selected the Bookmarks tab at the top, then tap "Edit". Find the bookmark you just saved. You now need to change the link to the text you copied in step #1. Tap the link field (it begins with "https://"), then delete everything in it and paste the text you copied: javascript:void(location.href='' + location.href);
4. Tap "Done".


1. Copy the following: javascript:void(location.href='' + location.href);
2. Open the browser of your choice. Create a new bookmark of any page, then tap Edit. Replace the name of the bookmark and replace the bookmarks link with the copied link from step #1.

Common Bookmarklet Errors

The bookmarklet will attempt to proxy any website, whether the Ruth Lilly Medical Library licenses the content or not.

If you receive a “Remote Access Error” when you use the bookmarklet on a URL, the most common reasons are:

  • The article content is freely available, use the EZproxy Bookmarklet only when you are asked to pay for access.
  • The journal article content is not directly provided by the Medical Library from the journal’s publisher’s website, but is provided through different means, example:  nothing is licensed at the, however, American Psychological Association content is provided through the PsychINFO (EBSCO) database.
  • (Least common)  The content is accessible via the Ruth Lilly Medical library, but a URL has changed or permissions need to be corrected. Please use the Medical Library’s Access Issues form to report and please note the article reference/journal that you are trying to access.

If the Ruth Lilly Medical Library does not have access to a journal article or print book/book chapter that you need, and you are an IU School of Medicine faculty, student, or staff - please use the Request Articles & Books service.