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TechTalks is a recurring presentation series taking place during the Fall and Spring semesters for anyone affiliated with the Indiana University School of Medicine to learn about how various technologies are being used in medical education, practice, and research. Offered in collaboration with the Technology In Medicine Student Interest Group (TIMSIG).

All TechTalks will be streamed live via Zoom at, and recordings will be made available through the Kaltura channel – Ruth Lilly Medical Library TechTalks. If there are no attendees online or in-person, talks will be cancelled 15 minutes after the scheduled start time.

If you are interested in presenting a TechTalk or want to suggest a topic for future TechTalks, please email

Spring 2019 Schedule

3D Imaging In Medical Research – April 16, 2019

Leah Wetherill, PhD, Medical and Molecular Genetics, will discuss the use of 3D imaging to examine variation in facial curvature, brain morphology, and cognitive deficits that occur from prenatal alcohol exposure and are common in individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

Artificial Intelligence – March 5, 2019

This talk is intended for IUSM affiliated students, faculty, and staff as a general introduction to Artificial Intelligence and how it works, from both the front and back end; no coding experience required! Participants will learn the fundamentals of AI, what types of AI are out there on the market, and how it’s currently being used in medicine and other industries.

3D Printing In Medical Research – February 12, 2019

Brian Overshiner, BS, RTT IU Health Radiation Therapy, will talk about applications of 3D printing in medicine and health care. He is currently working to develop a 3D Printing Core and has experience with design, prototyping, and 3D printing of custom devices to service patients and staff of multiple departments within the IU Health network.

Emerging Tech In Medicine – January 29, 2019

Join Chelsea Misquith, Emerging Technologies Librarian, and Brandon Dennett, Nexus Manager, to learn about various emerging technologies and their current and potential future uses in medical practice and training. These technologies include virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence.More information about the Nexus Collaborative Learning Lab here:

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