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Love Is in the Air at the RLML Makerspace!

Makerspace Valentines

Now is the best time to create Valentine's Day cards using the Cricut, our smart cutting machine, along with gentle guidance from the Makerspace's experienced staff members, Cassandra Jones and Amanda Papandreou. Edit existing projects to create white coat and scrubs cards like Cassandra or design your own cards like Amanda with her lace heart and brain Valentines. In only 30 minutes, you can take a study break, explore the Makerspace, or even make your own custom Valentine's Day card – all necessary materials including cardstock, glue, and pens are available for use at no cost in the RLML Makerspace located in the Ruth Lilly Medical Library on the second floor in room IB202.

Celebrate the season of love with the RLML Makerspace by making a card for someone special!

Makerspace Scrub Valentine "It's not A FIB, You make my heart go A FLUTTER" Makerspace Valentine Makerspace Heart Valentine "From the Aorta to the Apex, I love you with my whole heart" Makerspace Valentine Makerspace Dr. Valentine "Blood is red, Cyanosis is blue... I get Tachycardia when I think of you" Makerspace Valentine

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