Terri Bennett

Content Management Supervisor

Email: Phone: (317) 278-9327

Amy Blevins, MALS

Associate Director for Public Services

Email: Phone: (317) 274-7198

Hannah Craven, MLIS

Research & Scholarly Communications Librarian

Email: Phone: (317) 274-7185

Erin Foster, MSLS

Data Services Librarian

Email: Phone: (317) 278-1511

Todd Grooten, MLS

Content Management/History of Medicine Assistant

Email: Phone: (317) 278-3138

Angi Hill, SHRM-CP, PHR

Business Manager

Email: Phone: (317) 274-6468

Margaret Holloway-Wells

Content Management & Delivery Assistant

Email: Phone: (317) 274-1404

Terry Horton

Circulation Supervisor

Email: Phone: (317) 274-1420

Cassandra Jones

Nexus Manager

Email: Phone: (317) 278-7240

Kellie Kaneshiro, AMLS, AHIP

Assistant Director for Library Technology

Email: Phone: (317)274-1612

Greg Lutz

Content Management Assistant

Email: Phone: (317) 278-3138

Laura Menard, MLS

Assistant Director for Medical Education and Access Services

Email: Phone: (317) 274-1428

Chelsea Misquith, MI

Emerging Technologies Librarian

Email: Phone: (317) 274-7140

Sandy Nogle

Administrative Support Specialist

Email: Phone: (317) 274-1605

Brandon Pieczko, MSLIS

Digital and Special Collections Librarian

Email: Phone: (317) 274-7194

Tré Quarles

Circulation Supervisor

Email: Phone: (317) 274-4876

Rick Ralston, MSLIS

Associate Director for Content Management and Assessment

Email: Phone: (317) 274-1409

Mirian Ramirez, MLIS

Research Metrics Librarian

Email: Phone: (317) 274-2281

Gabe Rios, MLIS

Library Director

Email: Phone: (317) 274-1408

Safar Saydshoev

Web Developer and Systems Analyst

Email: Phone: (317) 274-2272

Julia Stumpff, MSLIS

Instructional Design Librarian

Email: Phone: (317) 274-2282

Beth Whipple, MLS, AHIP

Assistant Director for Research and Translational Sciences

Email: Phone: (317) 278-6179

Michael Wilkinson

Access Services Manager

Email: Phone: (317) 274-1495

Gloria Yancey

Document Delivery/Content Management Assistant

Email: Phone: (317) 274-1414

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Content Management
Access Services
Tech Team