Finding the Full Text of Journal Articles

The Ruth Lilly Medical Library, in cooperation with University Library, works diligently to provide subscriber-level access to many scholarly journals and other digital materials to facilitate quality research and learning. The tools below can help make sure you are able to bypass the paywalls and access the library’s subscription.

The three tools below can help you get to the full text:

Find It Button

Look for the red “Find It” button and click it. You may be asked to log in (again) with your IU credentials. After gaining access, a return page will appear. Look for and click on the first active link titled "Article".

EZproxy Bookmarklet

If you are searching on a desktop or laptop and regularly use browser bookmarks, this is a custom browser bookmark that you can use to unlock the full-text. Once saved in your toolbar, find your article, click the bookmarklet, and then click on the full-text link.

LibKey Nomad Browser Extension

The LibKey Nomad Browser Extension can be installed on any web browser you search with. Once installed, pages you search will display the green Libkey Nomad button, which you can click on to get the full-text.

Find It

Best choice when:  Searching databases from the library homepage or database list.

The Find It button usually means that the database you are searching doesn’t have the full text of the article you need. The library might have access to that article through another electronic resource, or we might have that article in print - and the Find It button will return a page with a list of possible sources (Keep in mind that event if we don't have the article online or in print, we can get it from another library through Interlibrary Loan). Here’s how to use the button:

Find It search screenshot

Find It return page example

  1. Perform your search.
  2. Look for the  Picture of red "Find It" button with white letters saying "Find It".  button and click it.
  3. On the return page, look for a link titled "Article" and click to access the full text (first one is usually best).
  4. If there are no links, use InterLibrary Loan Services to Request from Another Library and select the Ruth Lilly Medical Library Content Management & Delivery link.
  5. Find the ILL link under More full-text options -Log in to ILLiad using your IU username and passphrase. The information about the desired article will appear in the form. Click Submit when finished.

Note: A Journal link (vs database) may require extra steps to locate a specific article -- you may prefer one of the other options below.


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Accessing Find It via Google Scholar

  • Go to Google Scholar 
  • an image of website menu barUse the menu bars in the upper left and click on Settings 
  • Under Search Results on the left side of the page, click on Library Links
  • Search for and select Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis - Find it @IUPUI 
  • Click the Save button at the bottom of the page. This will make Find It @ IUPUI visible when searching Google Scholar.

EZproxy Bookmarklet

Best choice when:  Browsing journal articles directly on journal websites.

The EZproxy Bookmarklet is a bit of code (javascript), that you store as a bookmark in your web browser. Whatever browser you use, the bookmarklet works best in a toolbar, so that you can easily click it while viewing the page with the article abstract and full-text link.

  1. You will need to copy the bookmarklet code
  2. Then create a bookmark in your browser and replace the URL/link with the copied code (paste)
  3. Name the bookmark "Bookmarklet" or "RLML bookmarklet" - something you'll easily identify and save in the browser toolbar where you can easily click on it.
  4. Search! When you find an article and would access the full text, click the bookmarklet in your toolbar.  You will then be logged in through the Library proxy (you may be prompted for your IU credentials). Your original page should now be able to access Full-Text - as long as the resource is one we have a paid subscription to.

Visit the EZproxy Bookmarklet page for instructions specific to each browser.

LibKey Nomad Browser Extension

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that you install from the LibKey Nomad website. The extension will display a LibKey Nomad logo everywhere full-text is available. To install:

  1. Follow the LibKey Nomad instructions for (Chrome, FireFox or Microsoft Edge, Safari, Vivaldi...)
  2. When selecting the organization, select “Indiana University School of Medicine.”
  3. Search for articles and look for the green LibKey Nomad logo!

Note: LibKey Nomad is somewhat pervasive once installed.

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InterLibrary Loans (ILL) & Other Assistance...

Request articles using ILLiad (interlibrary loan) or contact Ruth Lilly Medical Library's Content Management and Delivery Department at

If you have any questions, please contact:

p: (317) 274-7182

You can also contact us via our Ask A Medical Librarian web form.

Troubleshooting Access Issues

Visit the link above to read the FAQ for issues regarding access to library resources or to report an issue with the Report an Access Issue web form.

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