BrowZine: Access Scholarly eJournals on Any Device

Access BrowZine from a desktop

  1. Go to the Ruth Lilly Medical Library Books & Journals page (link opens in new window).
  2. Scroll down to click on BrowZine.
  3. NOTE: You may need to enter your IU username, passphrase and DUO.

Access BrowZine from a smartphone or tablet

  1. Download the BrowZine app from your app store and open.
  2. Under Library, choose: Indiana University School of Medicine.
  3. NOTE: You may need to enter your IU username, passphrase and DUO to access full text of articles.

Find Journals in BrowZine

An image of BrowZine application home page showing how to seach for journals
  1. Type the journal title, subject or ISSN into the search box.
  2. Browse the subjects listed.

Find Full Text of an article

  1. To access the full text of an article, click on the article title OR click on the an image of pdf icon .pdf icon beneath the article title
  2. If no full text is available, click on “Request this item and/or check additional sources” and then click on Ruth Lilly Medical Library Content Management & Delivery. (You may need to log into the service with your IU username and passphrase.)

Link, Save, Export, & Share articles & citations (desktop version)

Underneath each journal article citation, look for the following icons:

BrowZine journal citation icons.

  1. Link: Click the Link icon to access the journal’s full text link.
  2. Save (to BrowZine’s My Articles): Click the Folder icon and choose relevant Collection. If not logged in, you will be prompted to log in/create a free account.
  3. Export: Click the Mortar Board icon and choose preferred format.
  4. Share: Click the Share icon to copy link to article, share on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, and to email.

Add, Organize, & Follow journals in My Bookshelf

PLoS Medicine screenshot

  1. When you find a journal title you would like to follow, click on “Add to my bookshelf”
  2. If not logged in, you will be prompted to log in or create a free account.
  3. Click on My Bookshelf and move a journal title anywhere by clicking in the upper right-hand side of the journal icon (desktop version) or dragging and dropping (mobile version).
  4. Customize individual shelves and rooms by editing the names.
  5. Follow each journal in My Bookshelf by noting the number of unread articles each time you login to BrowZine.


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