What is a Google Scholar profile?

  • An online basic CV
  • Easy to set up, especially if you already have a Google account
  • Tracks academic articles but also counts theses, book titles, and other documents towards author citation metrics
  • Uses a 12-digit unique identifier
  • Allows you to easily claim your work and become more visible
  • Enables you to export your publication information from Google Scholar to reuse it on other platforms.
  • Use your Google account to create a Google Scholar profile

Do I have a Google Scholar profile?

  • ▢ Yes, I have a preexisting one
  • ▢ Yes, I just created one
    • https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=____________________________

Create a Google Scholar profile

  1. Go to Google Scholar (https://scholar.google.com) and (if you are not already logged in) click “sign in” in the upper right corner.
  2. On the top left menu, click on “My profile” link.
  3. Follow the 3-step wizard. During this process, be sure to complete your name, affiliation, and email address. We recommend that you use your institutional email address. Later, check your email to complete the verification process. It will authorize Google Scholar to display your affiliation with Indiana University School of Medicine as “verified.”
  4. Review the list of publications displayed and deselect any that you do not want to add to your profile.

Add information and publications to Google Scholar Profile

To make your Google Scholar profile page useful, populate the following sections:


    • Consider how your co-authors may have entered the name of the Institution

Email for verification

    • Use your institutional email account.

Add missing articles (click “Add article manually” under the + icon)

Keep in mind that Google Scholar does not index everything. Enter any type of scholarly product you have authored (posters, conference talks, articles, research tools, etc.)

Visibility preferences

Change the profile visibility once your are ready to make it public.
My visibility preferences are set to:

  • ▢ Keep private
  • ▢ Make my profile public

Add co-authors

Adding co-authors is a good way to let others know you’re now on Google Scholar. Use the “Add co-authors” to suggest co-author to your profile (you can only add co-authors who have already created their own Google Scholar profile).
I will consider adding the following co-authors to connect others with my publications:


Track your citations

Google Scholar is a useful tool to track citations of articles. Google Scholar reports the citation counts per publication as well as more advance metrics. For author-level metrics, Google Scholar includes: citation counts, h-index, i10-index and the Cited By measures, they are all located on the right column of the profile page.

The h-index measures the productivity and impact of a scholar’s published work, using the author’s most cited articles and the number of citations they have received in other publications. It is one way that people can quantify their impact on a field of study. The i10-index is a simple measurement which shows how many of an author's papers have 10 or more citations.

▢ Track total citations per year of my articles (Click “View All” link over the citation in my public profile page)

▢ Review my h-index and i-10 index measures.

▢ View details of the articles that have cited the particular paper (“Cited by” link per each article record)

▢ Create an email alert to receive notifications every time my article is cited (search for the article in Google Scholar, click the “Cited by”, then “Create an alert” to receive emails when newly published articles cite yours)

Contact the Ruth Lilly Medical Library

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