What is an ORCiD ID?

  • A 16-digit unique identifier for scholarly authors 
  • An electronic curriculum vitae 
  • Assists with disambiguation of authors with similar names  
  • Can track individual author name changes 
  • Required for many journal submissions and grant applications 

Do I have an ORCiD ID?

  • Yes, I have a preexisting one 
  • Yes, I just created one
    https://orcid.org/ _ _ _ _-_ _ _ _-_ _ _ _-_ _ _ _ 

Creating my ORCiD ID

  1. Go to the ORCiD website (https://orcid.org) 
  2. Scroll down to click on the “register now” link 
  3. NOTE: If an account with your name already exists, it may ask if it is you.  If so, follow the prompts to retrieve this account.   

Logging in

  • The email I use to login to my ORCiD ID is:  
  • The backup email I use to recover my ORCiD ID is:  

Visibility preferences

My visibility preferences are set to:  

  • Everyone (recommended) 
  • Trusted parties 
  • Only me 

Trusted Individuals

I will consider asking the following people to be trusted individuals to help me update my ORCiD ID (name and email) 

Populating my ORCiD ID

To make your ORCiD ID useful, populating at least the following sections will benefit you most: 

Also known as


Enter any other variations of your name you may publish under 

Consider how co-authors may have entered your name (e.g. no middle initial, middle initial with period, etc.) 


  • Current employment:  
  • Previous employment: 
  • Previous employment:  

Consider any affiliations you have published under   

Some of your affiliations may go under “Education and Qualifications” 



Enter any type of scholarly product you have authored (posters, conference talks, articles, research tools, etc.) 

Utilize the uploading tools to populate for you, like “Add DOI” or “Add PubMed ID” 

In the future, submitting works with your ORCiD ID to the publisher will autopopulate your page when the work is published 



Utilize the uploading tools to populate, such as “search and link"

Displaying my ORCiD ID

I have displayed my ORCiD ID in the following places: 


  • CV header 
  • Email signature 
  • Twitter bio 
  • LinkedIn profile 
  • Personal/institutional webpage 
  • Scholarly posters/presentations 
  • Business card 
  • ORCiD ID sticker 
  • Other: 

Writing a short bio

If you would like to include a short narrative about yourself, the OHSU “Professional Selfies” has a great template. View the whole workshop at https://github.com/OHSU-Library/Impact-Workshop-Series.

Here is an example from OHSU adapted from Stacy Konkiel’s blog post:

new ORCiD ID

Champieux R, Wyatt LR, & Hancock O. (2018). Professional Selfies: Bios & Headshots for your Academic Self. Workshop series developed at OHSU. Portland, OR. CC-BY 4.0 International License.  

Contact the Ruth Lilly Medical Library

Please feel free to email us at medlref@iupui.edu or call 317-274-7182 with any questions. 

If you would like an ORCiD ID sticker (shown below) sent to you via interdepartmental mail, email Hannah Craven at hancrave@iu.edu with your information. 


Authors and Affiliations

Hannah J. Craven, MLIS  
Assistant Librarian, Ruth Lilly Medical Library, Indiana University School of Medicine

Mirian Ramirez, MLIS 
Assistant Librarian, Ruth Lilly Medical Library, Indiana University School of Medicine

Elizabeth C. Whipple, MLS 
Associate Librarian, Ruth Lilly Medical Library, Indiana University School of Medicine

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