Access BMJ Case Reports

  1. Go to Ruth Lilly Medical Library Databases (opens in new window).
  2. Scroll down to click on the BMJ Case Reports or click B on the alphabet bar to find and click on the link.

Log in to submit a case to BMJ Case Reports

an image of BMJ Case Report and archive menu highlighted

1. Click on: For authors (right-hand side of webpage header)
2. Click on: Submit manuscript >>
3. Log in with your User ID and password. (If you don't have an account, set up your account by clicking on: Create an Account.)

an image of log in page for BMJ

Navigate to submission area of BMJ Case Reports

  • After you have logged in click on: Author (Browser tab should say ScholarOne Manuscripts)an image of BMJ Case Report, author screen shot
  • Click on: Begin submission     am image of begin submission button
  • Either upload a Word file to pre-fill submission fields (.doc or .docx only) *
  • OR click on: or continue without pre-filling submission fields

Complete 6 steps to submit a case to BMJ Case Reports

Step 1: Type, Title, & Summary
Step 2: File Upload
Step 3: Attributes
Step 4: Authors & Institutions **
Step 5: Details & Comments
Step 6: Review & Submit

*Upload a Word file to pre-fill submission fields (.doc or .docx only)

  1. Click on: Instructions & Forms (upper-right of header)
  2. Click on: Submission forms
  3. Click on: Full cases template (Word document) The BMJ-Case-Reports-Standard-template-1.docx file will be downloaded to your computer
  4. Follow the directions on the template and fill in the sections beginning on page 3.

** Step 4: Authors & Institutions

  1. Click on the circle next to: I or my institution is a Fellow of BMJ Case Reports and our BMJ Group customer number is listed below:
    an image of fellow of BMJ Case Report group customer, screen shot
  2. Access the BMJ Group customer number (Institution Fellowship Code) to put in the box at:  (You will need to login using your IU username, passphrase, and DUO.)
    an image of BMJ Case Report fellowship code, screenshot


Please feel free to email us ( or call (317) 274-7182



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